This is an opportunity to enjoy honeybees as a field of be(e)ing, through conversation, inner and outer sit spots, silence and tea.  We will gather at the home apiary of Gaia Bees in Sebastopol.  RSVP to
Apis Arborea – The Ancient Craft of Tree-Apiculture
Green Gulch Farm Honeybee Sanctuary, CA
October 21, 2017; 9am – 4pm
“Apis Arborea” is an attempt to redefine our relationship with bees and to create a new paradigm of caring for them.  We will look at the reemergence of ancient and traditional ways of apiculture, such as the “Zeidler”, the craft of caring for bees in living trees. Rewilding habitat and nest restoration for honeybees is becoming increasingly essential for honeybees to survive.  As wild bees survive in non-managed ecosystems and nest sites, they represent a resource for new strategies for contemporary apiculture and a fundamental shift in bee stewardship. During the workshop, we will build ‘honey bee nests’ in logs, using traditional and contemporary tools. Wear layers. We will be outside for most of the day.