Open Space Preserve

Open Space Preserve
Restoration of Honeybee Nest Habitat
2015 to current
Northern California


This project began in 2015. It is located in a North Bay watershed in CA and is located in privately-owned open space with diverse land use (vineyards, wild chaparral and oak woodlands).

The first stage of the project was to analyze existing local wild honeybee populations, map of the watershed and identify potential hive locations in relationship with existing wild nest locations. Log hives were designed specifically for the watershed, climate zone and forage-scape.


Since the implementation, hives are regularly surveyed and populations tracked. After the first year, 25% of both log hives and vacant wild nests had been populated. All log hives survived over the first winter.

After the swarming season during the second year of program, population rates increased to 50%. The relatively fast occupation of log hives by local swarms indicates a low availability of naturally occurring wild honeybee nest locations. This installation has provided an ideal environment for self-healing and evolutionary and synergetic adaptation of honeybees to this environment.

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