Backyards & Gardens

Backyard & Garden Log Hives
Northern California


We have been installing log hives in backyards and gardens for the past 10 years. They provide an ideal nest environment for local honeybee swarms, are a natural hive add-on for a small backyard apiary, and enable us to observe and witness honeybees in their most natural setting.

Log hives in small scale settings benefit honeybees on many levels, and they bring the features of wild honeybee hives in forests into our gardens and backyards. Once a log hive is installed and prepared, no further hive management is required. Often they self-populate without our involvement with local honeybee swarms. In short: They are a joy to watch in the landscape we live in.


Enjoyed by families and appreciated by backyard beekeepers as well, this small scale set up comes with a large benefit for honeybees. It provides resources for local honeybee populations and supports an environment conducive to honeybees health. Log hives are custom made for each location and micro climate. They are build with a vertical or horizontal layout, with an insulated, slanted roof and off-centered entrances.

Typically log hives are set up in trees, but existing structures and buildings can ‘host’ a log hive as well. Honeybees prefer to nest high up in trees, and we mimic their instinctual preferences by installing log hives several feet above ground level.

See below for pictures of our more recent installations:

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